Allan Goldsman

I ordered some NightOrbs outdoor lights for my wife as a gift. We live in Minnesota where the weather in the winter can be a bit cold (-30º) and in the summer it is hot (over 100º). Tom assured me the Orbs would handle the weather. They have! The Orbs have been outside in the elements for several years and look like new! My wife loves them and they are always a conversation piece.

~Allan Goldsman, Minnesota

Janet Lennox Moyer

NightOrbs provide the pizzazz that many outdoor spaces long for. They are beautiful glowing glass orbs that softly glow in a landscape space and people can’t help notice them, talk with their companions about them, and desire to have them in their own garden space.

~Janet Lennox Moyer, Landscape lighting designer

Suyin Sequim

Tom Rupnicki’s NIghtOrbs can be described as uniquely beautiful! Sequim, WA’s foremost photographer Phil Tauran has committed our memorizing pieces of illumination to posterity! Tom’s NightOrbs are not simply “lighting pieces.” They are works of art. One such orb that we placed in the center of our Mandala is so beautiful it takes our breath away! They are especially luminous in water settings … we have them installed in two zen ponds/waterfalls. Bamboo appears especially wistful under the spell of these orbs! Notwithstanding their night-time “magic,” NightOrbs are also very beautiful displays of art glass during the day! They highlight and complement various plantings akin to having multi-dimensional paintings in the garden! And they endure winter temperatures!! If you love glass, if you love light, if you love art, you will love Tom’s NightOrbs. Recapture that feeling of falling in love … over and over again. Truly, we are star-struck!

~Suyin Sequim, Wa. Homeowner

Reg Willison

I have purchased over 24 Night Orbs during the past 5 years of different colors and sizes. The stunning appearance both during the day and when lit at night are hard to describe in words alone. Each Orb is like a work of art, individual in appearance even from other Orbs that are the same color. I live in Reno, NV where the temperature ranges from 8 degrees to 105 degrees on the high side. Snow and temperature changes do not bother these Orbs, since the sphere is one of the strongest shapes in nature. Many people compliment me on the Orbs when they visit my home because they are so unique and complement the landscaping so well. I have sold Orbs to two neighbors who fell in love with the 19 Orbs at my home, and am now adding a permanent display of Night Orbs to sell through my Lighting Business here in Reno.

~Reg Willison, Have Lights will travel, Reno, Nevada

George Hartner

I have been using Tom’s NightOrbs for several years now. Every single one of my clients is thrilled with the product. Each Orb is truly a work of art and I will continue to use NightOrbs to enhance my lighting designs.

~George Hartner, Outdoor Illumination of the Carolinas

Jerry McKay

Tom has been very willing to work with us over the years. We have created several customized jobs for some of our high-end clients and have never been disappointed. I have personally visited his studio and he has visited our jobs where his product is installed. I would highly recommend working with Tom.

~Jerry McKay, McKay Landscape Lighting, Omaha, NE

A Splash of Color that Lives Through Winter

NightOrbs™ create a magical touch to any exterior. During the day, an outdoor orb adds a splash of color, and a layer of luminosity at night.

A Year-Round Splash of Color

Flowers add vibrance to your garden, but they don’t stick around for winter. NightOrbs™ stay radiant year-round.

Reflect Color and Light

Another great way to incorporate an exterior orb? Add it to a water feature.

Create Magic Among Your Trees

Hanging your NightOrb™ from a tree creates an ethereal look. Your NightOrb™ will be visible from all sides, giving the illusion that it’s floating.

Special thanks to Mr. Tree for trimming our trees.

La Belle Epoque Inspired Illumination by Max Randolph and Tom Rupnicki

One of our Earth-patterned, egg-shaped orbs was recently integrated into a sculpture over a cooking grill. Notice the white bottom meant to project more light in the cooking area.

glass orb and metal sculpture

This beautiful glass and steel light brings back memories of the Arte Nouveau  Paris Metro entrances.

The metal work was done by artist Max Randolph of Legacy Forge from Atascadero, California.