NightOrbs are great for landscape lighting and landscape design in Gardens, Walkways, and and other outdoor settings. NightOrbs can also be used on decks and patios utilizing the polished granite base.

Sizes: 4″, 8″, 13″, 18″
Shapes: Sphere (egg shape available for 8″ only)
Color: Standard colors included in 8″,13″,18″. Custom Colors optional.


WaterOrbs™ and Hanging Orbs

WaterOrbs bring a very special look to any pond, fountain or other water feature. Each WaterOrb uses low voltage lighting and comes with a Waterproof cord.  4″ and 8″ Water Orbs can be suspended from above.

Sizes: 4″, 8″, 13″, 18″ (Hanging only for 8″ and 4″)
Shapes: Sphere Only
Color: Standard colors included in 8″,13″,18″. Custom Colors optional.

Crystal Lights™

Crystal Lights

Crystal lights provide colorful indoor lighting with a unique color and shape.

Sizes: One size (10 inches long, 7 inches wide, 5 inches tall)
Shapes: No shape options
Color: Custom Colors Only



Extra bulbs and anchors.

Gazing Globes for Any Setting

NightOrbs™ are individually crafted outdoor lighting fixtures. Each is a handblown original, made to exact specifications.

These distinctive illuminators provide function and artistry in both landscape and water garden design, magically transforming any outdoor space with the beauty and glow of handblown glass.

NightOrbs™ come in beautifully handcrafted color combinations. These enchanting globes are one-quarter-inch thick and have the strength and durability to withstand weather conditions.

All NightOrbs™ easily connect to a low-voltage system. They will arrive with simple installation instructions and a quality guarantee.

NightOrbs™ (8-inch and above) come in Mottled Patterns and the Swirled Patterns.

You may also select from the color palette to create custom color orbs to complement your landscape, garden, or waterscape.

Orblets™ (4-inch) are available only in the colors shown and are not available in any of the patterns.

8″ NightOrbs™ are the only size available to sit on a cradle & stem.

WaterOrbs™ come in 4″, 8″, 13″ & 18″ sizes. They can be floated in water, displayed on the ground, or the 4″ and 8″ can be suspended from a branch or pole. They can be moved easily.

Read more on specifications.