25% Off All 4” & 8” Orbs, Plus 50% Off Select Styles This Holiday Season!

The holidays are almost here which mean so is gift-giving season!

A NightOrb™ is a great gift for everyone on your list. Each orb is handmade and unique, plus purchasing one helps support the local artists that put their time and effort into making them.

Take advantage of our holiday sale running for a limited time only. Get 25% off of all 4” and 8” NightOrbs™, including rope fixtures, and take 50% off of Mars, Saturn, Neptune and Venus color patterns for exterior 8” NightOrbs™ only.

Prices shown in the store do not include the holiday discount. To make sure you receive your discount, use our quote form to request a quote or call us at 484.620.2976.

Some 25% Off Styles

25% off our orbs means you can get a 4″ orblet starting at $112. Prices vary based on accessory options, so request your quote to ensure you get the best deal. Note that this sale does not apply to egg shaped orbs.

To see all of our 4” and 8” styles, check out our full store selection. To learn more about our new Rope Light Fixtures, see our recent blog post.

50% Off Mars, Saturn, Neptune & Venus Orbs

For a limited time, we are offering 50% off 8″ Mars, Saturn, Neptune & Venus pattern orbs, which means you can get one of these orbs starting at $225 (regularly $450). This does not apply to egg shaped orbs. 

Visit our 8” orb product page to see our range of options.

To receive your orb in time for Christmas, be sure to place your order by 12/10/18. Wishing you Happy Holidays from all of us at NightOrbs™!

Introducing Our Newest NightOrbs™ Product: Rope Light Fixtures

We’re happy to introduce a new product that looks great as a garden, landscape or walkway detail. Check out our new Rope Light Fixtures!

They’re the perfect holders for our 8” Orbs or 4” Orblets. These Rope Lights are hand made GFRC (glass fiber reinforced concrete) which are cast in a mold produced from an actual rope. There is also a steel net wire harness which holds the light cord and steel wires for reinforcement. The finished concrete form is made to look like real rope with the help of a stain coat.

The 8” Orb Rope Fixture goes for $225, while the 4” Orblet Fixture is priced at $250. The accompanying orbs are sold separately. Purchase your rope fixture here!

NightOrbs™ Partners with Produktworks Design to Create Solar System Orrery

We like to think our designs have always been out of this world, but when we got the opportunity to partner with Produktworks Design, an engineering firm, we co-created something truly special. This orrery, or mechanical model of the solar system produced for Tycho Design, was built to inspire the mind and spirit of anyone gazing upon it.

Tycho Design & NightOrbs orrery

Intended to be the centerpiece of a space, the planets accurately track time as they travel around the illuminated hand-blown glass sun. The planets even rotate and tilt to mimic our solar system, making it a true astronomical clock model of the greater world we live in.

We are proud to have designed the sun at the center. You can learn more about Tycho Design on their website.

Take a look at shots of the stunning final display below!

Watch Our Video to See These Giant Orbs Come to Life

We recently took on the challenge of blowing 5 24″ gold NightOrbs™ for a customer in Sunnyvale, CA.  That’s right, these orbs were two feet in diameter, weighing in over 40 pounds each!

Watch As We Create These Huge Orbs

Check out this video where you can see us in action as our team crafts these beautiful giants:

Luckily, our state-of-the-art studio was outfitted for the job! It took a team of four strong, highly-skilled workers to craft these big orbs. As with every orb, the process began by forming an opaque, white cylinder to create the foundation. The white orb then gets a metallic oxide coating, which gives the finished product an iridescent quality. The cylinder reaches 1,300° before the team melts in more color, trimming as needed. Next comes chaos wrapping, a process of wrapping different colors around the orb and manipulating them into desired patterns. The resulting combination of color provides a beautiful luminescent appearance. Lastly, the team spins the orb, continuing that process until it cools down and reaches the desired shape and size.

2 foot diameter golden night orbs

Outdoor Lighting Completes a Landscape Design

8″ NightOrbs with polished granite base on granite stepsA good landscape plan and implementation can put you in closer communication to the natural world and all the joys of color, fragrance and movement that that entails.

Different shrubs bloom from mid-winter through summer and even in fall. Later fall colors and berries delight the senses. Herbaceous material can start in late winter with early bulbs and continue through summer and into late fall with various perennials. These blooms and fruit not only give us color and fragrances but also provide food for pollinators, beneficial insects, butterflies and birds. They draw the natural world closer to us.

Nature is Always Changing

Show off your property, even at nightBut what happens when the sun sets?

What happens when the birds roost and insect life settles down for the night?

That’s when good landscape lighting can extend the joys of the garden into the night time.

Pathways and patios can be subtly lit, trees can be highlighted by well-placed accent lights and even water features can be enhanced.

A Garden Path Lit With LED LightsWe use a 12 volt system and LED fixtures that use a fraction of electricity of older systems.

And for added interest, why not try using some Night Orbs to bring even more interest to the nightscape? During the day they blend into the landscape as multicolored glass spheres but at night they are illuminated with great effect. Night Orbs can be terrestrial, aerial or aquatic.

With quality naturalistic landscaping and nighttime illumination your outdoors can be a wonderland of the natural world.

Learn more about Naturescapes.

About the Author

John Fridy, whose company is Naturescapes, has been doing naturalistic landscapes and related horticultural work for the past 45 years.

Naturescapes is an ideation and implementation (design and install) company whose focus is naturalistic design (read low maintenance) utilizing native plant material as much as possible. John’s company also does ponds, waterfalls, retaining walls, walkways, patios, outdoor lighting, drainage issues, etc.

Naturescapes creates environments that not only appeal to the clients but are very environmentally friendly and attract birds, butterflies, humming birds and beneficial insects. Their designs involve the senses and offer winter interest as well as sequentially blooming trees, shrubs, perennials and bulbs.

It’s Our Biggest Sale Yet: 50% Off Your Favorite NightOrbs™!

decorative garden ballsFrom now until April 20th, we will be offering 50% on standard color 8” orbs. That means you can get an orb starting at $450 $225!

Plus, we are offering 35% off both interior and exterior orblets, which means you can get one for as little as $150 $97.50.

This is the biggest collection of orbs we have included in a sale, so don’t miss out on the opportunity to purchase your favorite orb.

Not sure where to get started?

  1. Pick Your Orb: Check out our store to determine which orb you want. Choose from the standard 8” orbs, 4” exterior orblet, and 4” interior orblet.
  2. Request Your Quote: Because all orbs are made to order, the best way to get exactly what you want is to request your quote with our online order form.

Once you complete the form, we’ll be in touch to finalize your order!


Pick a Creative Place to Display an Orb and Win a Free NightOrb™

Do you want to win a free NightOrb™?

nightorbs in waterAll you need to do is let us know the most unique place you can think of to display an orb. Complete the form below and add an image if you have a specific spot you would display an orb. NightOrbs™ creator Tom Rupnicki will choose the most unique setting and the winner will receive a free 8” NightOrb™ of their choosing! The deadline is April 20th, 2018.

Note: Only 1 entry per person allowed. We will share some responses on our social media profiles, so please verify whether we can use your first name & last initial if we share your submission.

Enter the Contest!


The Beauty of Simplicity

white night orbs

We are impressed with one of our customer’s recent use of white NightOrbs™.

Our client wanted to add some stylish, yet minimalist flair to their modern home. They placed 3 large white orbs (13″, 18″, and 24″ in diameter) in a water feature in front of their house.

The home is located in Southern California.

Allan Goldsman

I ordered some NightOrbs outdoor lights for my wife as a gift. We live in Minnesota where the weather in the winter can be a bit cold (-30º) and in the summer it is hot (over 100º). Tom assured me the Orbs would handle the weather. They have! The Orbs have been outside in the elements for several years and look like new! My wife loves them and they are always a conversation piece.

~Allan Goldsman, Minnesota

Janet Lennox Moyer

NightOrbs provide the pizzazz that many outdoor spaces long for. They are beautiful glowing glass orbs that softly glow in a landscape space and people can’t help notice them, talk with their companions about them, and desire to have them in their own garden space.

~Janet Lennox Moyer, Landscape lighting designer