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        When I first discovered
        NightOrbs  at the Philadelphia
        Flower Show, I was taken aback.

        These multi-colored orbs are
        simply wonderful to work with.
        They add a magical dimension
        to the landscape, especially
        at night. They create wonderful

        focal points. I especially like
        to use them in groupings. I
        recommend incorporating them

        into the design in all my new
                   ~ Jules Bruck, Ph.D., APLD
                 (Association of Professional
                      Landscape Designers)
                                   Media, PA

                                                                           NightOrbs  allow us to offer our
                                                                           discerning customers something

                                                                           completely custom and unique,
                                                                           something they cannot get anywhere
                                                                           else. We enjoy adding the elegance
                                                                           of “art” to the landscape with both our

                                                                           lighting and with Tom’s NightOrbs .
                                                                                                            ~ Jerry McKay,
                                                                                              McKay Landscape Lighting,
                                                                                                               Omaha, NE

                                                                           As many years as I have gardened— in

                                                                           Hawaii, Pennsylvania, Switzerland, and
                                                                           on the Marmaris in Istanbul—I have never
                                                                           derived so much pride, pleasure or joy

                                                                           as I do now from these truly magnificent
                                                                           NightOrbs . I refer to them as my very
                                                                           own interplanetary galaxy of stars!

                                                                                                           ~ Suyin Karlsen,
                                                                                                               Sequim, WA
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