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NIGHT    RBS                                            ™

                                                                      glass studio

                 ABOUT NIGHTORBS, LLC
                                                      OUR PHILOSOPHY
                                                      Our intention is to evoke, through color and light, the
                                                      subtle qualities that inspire the human spirit. My vision in
                                                      creating NightOrbs  was to marry the healing effects
                                                      of light, color, and nature into a lasting, original piece
                                                      of landscape art that can be enjoyed in gardens year-
                                                      round—and for years to come.

                                                      Color generates a response in a viewer. The right
                                                      combination and placement of colors can create an
                                                      emotional experience. The color blends for NightOrbs
                                                      result from my own reactions to color and light. The
                                                      recipes have evolved over time and are kept only after
                                                      having proven their impact—their ability to sing—in the
                                                                 ~Tom Rupnicki, Founder, NightOrbs Glass Studio

                                                      OUR FOUNDER
                                                      Tom Rupnicki is the creative force behind NightOrbs
                                                      Glass Studio. As an artisan, glassblower and conceptual
                                                      designer, he founded NightOrbs, LLC, in 1997.

                                                      His work has been featured in galleries throughout the
                                                      United States, including:

                                                      • American Craftsman, New York City
                                                      • Vertri Gallery, Kauai, Hawaii
                                                      • Artique, Lexington, Kentucky
                                                      • A Gallery of Fine Art, Palm Desert, California
                                                      • SJG, Inc., Cape Cod, Massachusetts
                                                      • Kane-Marie, Virginia Beach, Virginia
                                                      • Seekers Glass Gallery,
                                                        Cambria, California
                                                      • Gallery Vetro,
                                                        San Antonio, Texas
                        Tom Rupnicki,
                        Owner/Founder                 • Accent Gallery,
                        Judy Fowler,                    Ocean City, New Jersey
                        Artist                        • Gingerbread Gallery,
                                                        Key West, Florida
                                                      • Turning Point Gallery,
                                                        Media, Pennsylvania

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