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NIGHT    RBS                                             ™

                                                    glass studio

                                                         ABOUT NIGHTORBS, LLC (cont’d)

                                        NightOrbs Glass Studio, headquartered in the
                             Philadelphia area, is an artisan glassblowing studio with
                           the capability of manufacturing large-scale commercial
                                                        and residential lighting systems.                        ABOUT NIGHTORBS, LLC

                              NightOrbs, LLC, specializes in producing one-of-a-kind
                                    hand-blown fixtures that marry artistic design with
                                durable functionality. The studio boasts a 600-pound
                            furnace, two finishing furnaces, a fusion oven, a five pot
                              color furnace, three large annealers, and a cold shop
                                                                         for finishing work.

                                                            NightOrbs Glass Studio (below)

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