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         NightOrbs  are available in a wide variety of settings and
         mounts for outdoor illumination and display.

         Land Mount Orbs, set in a cast aluminum (standard)                                                        NIGHTORB
         or corrosion-resistant cast silicon bronze cradle,
         come in nine stem lengths. They are mounted in a PVC
         anchor (standard), deck- or post-mount bracket,                                                             ™  V
         or movable polished granite base.

         WaterOrbs  include a 316 stainless steel ballast and 9 feet of                                            ARIETIES
         underwater cable. (WaterOrbs  also suitable for hanging).

         Orblets  are a smaller Nightorb,  4 inches in diameter, and can
         be floated in a water fixture or suspended, both indoors and out.
         Crystal Lights  are a unique crystal shape, 10 inches long, 7 inches wide
         and 5 inches high. They can either float or hang, indoors and out.

                                Pictured: Phobos Swirled Pattern 16-inch stem (left),
                                Sun Mottled Pattern 8-inch stem (center),
                                Venus Mottled Pattern 36-inch stem (right).
                                All shown with cast aluminum cradle and stem.

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