Garden Gazing Balls

garden gazing ballsNightOrbs™ are unique garden gazing balls that contain a light bulb to showcase their unique colors at night. A waterproof plug allows NightOrbs™ to be placed in any type of garden, or even in water features like ponds and fountains.

NightOrbs come in 4″, 8″, 13″ and 18″ sizes and over 40 different color patterns. You can request a NightOrb quote or call 484.620.2976 to discuss your order. Landscape designers can use our wholesale order form.

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Improve Your Landscape with Garden Gazing Balls

In this video we show the use of NightOrbs™ in adding color and illumination to a set of garden steps. The garden gazing balls are not only an attractive addition to a garden but also a practical landscape lighting option. These glass gazing balls for gardens are a unique touch unlike any other landscape lighting option.

NightOrbs™ are also referred to as…