Tom and Judy at Gates

Tom Rupnicki, Owner/CEO and Judy Fowler, Artist

Our intention is to evoke, through color and light, the subtle qualities that inspire the human spirit. My vision in creating NightOrbs™ was to marry the healing effects of light, color and nature into a lasting, original piece of landscape art that can be enjoyed in gardens year-round—and for years to come.

I first had the idea of introducing hand-blown glass into the landscape in 1999. I chose a spherical shape, because it is considered the most perfect form. A marriage of color and light, NightOrbs™ are an ethereal presence in a garden, an object of beauty, a cause for meditation, and an extremely durable and practical landscape illuminator.

Color also generates a response in a viewer. The right combination and placement of colors can suddenly expand the palette and create an emotional experience – the kind of response one would expect, for example, when viewing Monet’s “Water Lilies.”

The color blends for NightOrbs™ result from my own reactions to color and light. The recipes have evolved over time and are kept only after having proven their impact—their ability to sing—in the garden.

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