What materials are used in making NightOrbs™?

The glass spheres are made of 1/4 ” thick soda/lime glass, with glass colors imported from Germany. The 2-part base is made from sand-cast aluminum. It is machined and chemically treated to maximize the life of the powder-coated bronze finish. The stem, made of 1” schedule 40 aluminum pipe, also receives the same finish-extending treatment. The anchor securing each NightOrb™ into the ground is made of rugged 8” corrosion-proof PVC with stabilizing fins. For additional security, concrete can be placed around the anchor. Each NightOrb™ comes with a length of heavy duty underground burial wire, which attaches to the homeowner’s 12-volt lighting system with King wire nuts filled with silicone to keep the connection dry. Inside the NightOrb™, wiring connects to a MR-12 ceramic socket with a long-life 20-watt Xelogen bulb designed to last approximately 20,000 hours (an extra bulb is supplied).