NightOrbs – Distinctive Hand-Blown Glass Sphere Lighting

Nightorbs Hand blown glass globes landscape lighting on garden granite steps

NightOrbs handcrafted glass globes add a distinctive look and mood to any landscape environment, patio, water feature, or room.

Liven up any space with colorful, 100% unique, artisan hand-blown glass sphere lighting! Ideal for anyone wishing to make a statement of distinction: landscape designers, private clients, luxury hotels, restaurants, and artistic installations.

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Garden & Landscape Lighting

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Luxury Hotel & Commercial Installations

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WaterOrbs & Hanging Lighting

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Large Scale Sculptural Installations

NightOrbs Glass Sphere Lighting – Custom Artistic Creations

Color Rings installed at Rose Tree Park

We specialize in custom projects

We can help you with your custom landscape design project, interior installation, and unique environment. We can design and create a custom color palette unique to your project. Contact us about your specific color requirements, or design ideas you may have.

NightOrbs Philadelphia Flower Show custom project display
Standard colors 8 inch orbs illuminate brick background

Shop for in-stock NightOrbs

NightOrbs glass sphere lighting comes in many “standard colored” glass orbs, bases, lighting, and hardware. In-Stock and available for immediate delivery. Custom-creations available upon request. 

NightOrbs Glass Sphere Lighting Features


The hand-blown glass globes sold by Nightorbs are exceptionally tough and long-lasting. Our Outdoor Orb Lights, with a thickness of 1/4“, can endure even the most severe weather conditions, including accidental collisions with lawnmowers and weed-whackers and blows from children and animals. See our video showing just how durable our work is!

Premium Materials

Each hand-blown glass NightOrbTM is crafted with premium materials, and the unmatched design, artistry, and craftsmanship found only in America. Our Outdoor Lighting Orbs are made of premium hand-blown glass and have cast aluminum bases that are machined and powder-coated. They are guaranteed to provide years of vibrant landscape lighting.  

High-Quality Lights

NightOrbs glass sphere lighting for gardens and landscapes use LEDs or a long-life 20-watt Xelogen bulb designed to last approximately 20,000 hours. Other products, including our Interior NightOrbs, use high-quality energy-efficient LEDs providing illumination for many years. All lighting components and bases are rugged and corrosion-proof.