Land Mount Installation


Installation Instructions: 12-volt Illuminator—Land Mount

Warning – Risk of Electric Shock

  • Read these instructions completely before proceeding with the installation of NightOrbs™.
  • This fixture must be installed in compliance with local, state, and national electrical codes.
  • Making any modifications to the fixture or failing to follow the manufacturer’s instructions will automatically void the warranty.
  • Fixture failures resulting from poor installation will not be covered by the warranty.

It is the responsibility of the installer to:

  1. Insure the fixture is grounded in accordance with applicable local, state, and national electrical codes.
  2. Determine that the correct fixture voltage-watts combination is used; 12 volts and the wattage should not exceed the transformer capability.
  3. Instruct the owner in the required action for changing the xenon bulb.
  4. Install all luminaires 10 feet (3.05 m) or more from a pool, spa, or fountain.
  5. Verify that power cable installed conforms to local and National Codes.

Ground installation of NightOrbs™: For Outdoor Use Only

To prevent electrical shock, disconnect transformer from electrical supply before installation or service. Transformer used must be protected by a Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter (GFCI). Use 12 volt, Xelogen type 20 watt.

The NightOrb™ Illuminator comes pre-assembled with a base, lamp, wiring, stem, and anchor. To install:

  • Select the desired location for installing each NightOrb™.
  • Dig a 3” wide by 3” deep hole. Drive the anchor into the ground with a wooden or rubber mallet, taking care to make sure the anchor goes in straight. Top of anchor should be level with ground or slightly below.
  • Thread NightOrb™ wiring into the anchor and out of the hole 2” below the top of the anchor.
  • Insert NightOrb™ stem into anchor and tighten, using the allen wrench provided.
  • Strip the two leads from the NightOrb™ wire and connect each lead by soldering wires to main supply cable. Cap and seal each lead with a silicone-filled safety connector.
  • Low voltage cable shall be protected by routing in close proximity to the luminaire, or next to a building structure. Cable should be buried not more than 6” deep.
  • After all fixtures have been wired, attach the supply line to the proper transformer.

NOTE: Wiring supplied is 36” 16-2 underground burial wire and should be buried a maximum of 6” to connect to the main supply cable.

CAUTION: Be careful not to overload the transformer. The recommended transformer to install is a Cast “Master Series” Multitap Transformer (

Lamp replacement

NightOrbs™ use state-of-the-art Xelogen lamps, which have an average life span of 20,000 hours, depending on bulb wattage. To replace the lamp:

  • NightOrbs™ use state-of-the-art Xelogen lamps, which have an average life span of 20,000 hours, depending on bulb wattage. To replace the lamp:
  • Remove the NightOrb™ by loosening the 5/64 set screw in part B of the base. (Use allen wrench provided.)
  • Grasp and hold the base with one hand, and with the other hand, hold the stem and anchor down. Now pull and twist the base and orb upwards to reveal Xelogen lamp.
  • With NightOrb™ removed, replace the lamp and then reattach the NightOrb™.
  • The NightOrb™ is now ready to be plugged back into service.

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