WaterOrb™ Installation


Installation Instructions: 12-volt Illuminator

Warning – Risk of Electric Shock

Do not allow WaterOrb™ to freeze in water; remove for winter if water is at risk for freezing.

The WaterOrb™ Illuminators are pre-assembled and ready to install.


  • Use only in ponds and small decorative fountains where persons will immerse no more than their hands and lower arms while the product is energized. WaterOrbs™ can be used on land or used as hanging orbs.
  • Do not use in water intended for swimming, wading, immersion, or bathing.
  • Low voltage circuit must be supplied by a power unit marked as suitable for supplying submersible luminaries.
  • Select the desired location for installing your WaterOrb™, place in water location. Note: when transporting the WaterOrb™ from one place to another, always firmly support the orb; do not carry WaterOrb™ by its underground/water cable.
  • Power unit must be supplied by a circuit protected by a Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter. (GFCI).
  • Run the water cable to the transformer or power supply, and connect.
  • Finally, plug in transformer and turn on.

Lamp Replacement:

  • First, turn off transformer completely.
  • Remove WaterOrb™ from water and towel dry to remove excess water; base also can be cleaned with Windex® and a Scotch-Brite™ pad.
  • Unscrew (counter clockwise) nylon nut with adjustable wrench. Remove nylon connector from metal base to reveal bulb.
  • Pull out bulb and replace with a new one, same wattage as old bulb.
  • Wrap plastic threads with Teflon® tape at least three or four revolutions to insure water-tight seal.
  • Screw nylon connector back into stainless steel plate, making sure the threads screw in evenly and properly to avoid leakage. Tighten snugly with adjustable wrench.
  • Place WaterOrb™ back in water. It is now ready to be plugged back into service

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