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Our intention is to evoke, through color and light, the subtle qualities that inspire the human spirit. My vision in creating NightOrbs™ was to marry the healing effects of light, color and nature into a lasting, original piece of landscape art that can be enjoyed in gardens year-round—and for years to come.

I first had the idea of introducing hand-blown glass into the landscape in 1999. I chose a spherical shape, because it is considered the most perfect form. A marriage of color and light, NightOrbs™ are an ethereal presence in a garden, an object of beauty, a cause for meditation, and an extremely durable and practical landscape illuminator.

Color also generates a response in a viewer. The right combination and placement of colors can suddenly expand the palette and create an emotional experience – the kind of response one would expect, for example, when viewing Monet’s “Water Lilies.”

The color blends for NightOrbs™ result from my own reactions to color and light. The recipes have evolved over time and are kept only after having proven their impact—their ability to sing—in the garden.

Tom and Judy at Gates

Tom Rupnicki, Owner/CEO and Judy Fowler, Artist

Our Founder

Tom Rupnicki is the creative force behind NightOrbs, as artisan, glassblower, and conceptual designer. He founded LaSorgente in 1997, after a career running his own commercial flooring business.

Tom studied the art of glassblowing under master glass artisans at the Tyler School of Art in suburban Philadelphia and the Corning studio in New York. He studied ceramics at the University of the Arts in Philadelphia and holds a B.F.A. in Photography from Columbia College of Art in Chicago.

Tom’s work has been featured in galleries throughout the United States, including:

American Craftsman, New York City
Vertri Gallery, Kauai, Hawaii
Artique, Lexington, Kentucky
A Gallery of Fine Art, Palm Desert, California
SJG, Inc., Cape Cod, Massachusetts
Kane-Marie, Virginia Beach, Virginia
Seekers Glass Gallery, Cambria, California
Gallery Vetro, San Antonio, Texas
Accent Gallery, Ocean City, New Jersey
Gingerbread Gallery, Key West, Florida

Tom Rupnicki

Tom Rupnicki

To view some of Tom’s personal art, visit his website: tomrupnicki.com

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