Studio and Crafting Process


studioNightOrbs, headquartered in the Philadelphia area, is an artisan glassblowing studio with the capability of manufacturing large-scale commercial and residential outdoor lighting systems. LaSorgente specializes in producing one-of-a-kind hand-blown fixtures that marry artistic design with durable functionality. The studio boasts a 600-pound furnace, two finishing furnaces, a fusion oven, a five-pot color furnace, three large annealers, and a cold shop for finishing work.

Video about making NightOrbs.

The actual crafting of a NightOrb™ requires the skill of at least two glassblowers and one or more assistants working as a team.

NightOrbs currently has three glassblowers on staff, each with at least ten years’ experience.
From Left: Aubrey, Aya, Chris and Tom making a 13'' orb