Studio and Crafting Process


NightOrbs is an artist glassblowing studio that can manufacture large-scale commercial and residential outdoor lighting systems. The company’s headquarters are located in the Philadelphia metropolitan region.

LaSorgente produces hand-blown, one-of-a-kind lighting fixtures. These lights combine artistic design with long-lasting practicality.

In addition to a cold shop for finishing work, the workshop is equipped with a 600-pound furnace, two finishing furnaces, a fusion oven, a five-pot color furnace, three huge annealers, and a fusion oven.



Crafting process

The creation of a NightOrbTM itself requires the expertise of a group consisting of at least two glassblowers and one or more assistants who work together.

There are currently three glassblowers working with NightOrbs, and each of them has at least ten years of expertise in the field.

Aubrey, Chris, Aya, and Tom creating a 13 inch orb
blowing hot glass into wood mold
blowing glass