Retail Pricing

Water and Hanging Orblets (baby orbs)

4” water & Hanging Orblets $185.00

Includes 9-feet of Underwater cable. Additional cable $1.75 cents per sq.ft.

Orblets on Copper stems:

1-foot stem with Orblet & anchor – $195.00

2 or 3-foot stem with Orblet & anchor – $200.00

4 or 6-foot stem with Orblet & anchor – $205.00

7 or 8-foot stem with Orblet & anchor – $215.00

9 or 10-foot stem with Orblet & anchor – $230.00

Orblets on Copper stems can be made into other configurations and can be seen in the photo gallery

Land Mount

Mottled or Swirled Pattern

8″ Sphere NightOrb – $495 Includes stem extension, standard cast aluminum cradle, and PVC anchor.

Custom Colors – $525.00

Water and Hanging 8” Nightorbs

8″ Water and Hanging Nightorbs – $495

Includes Mottled or Swirled pattern with 316 Stainless Steel ballast & 9′ of cord

Land Mount stem extensions

1 and 2-inch stems at no charge.

5-inch $28

8-inch $38

16-inch $58

24-inch $78

36-inch $98

48-inch $124

60-inch $146

Custom Cradle/Base choices

(8-inch orbs only)

Add $95 • Cast Silicon Bronze cradle (upgrade from cast aluminum cradle)
Add $95 • Polished granite base (movable – upgrade from PVC anchor)

Standard cradle powder coated machined cast aluminum with bronze stem

Cast silicon bronze cradle and Red brass fluted stem

Polished granite base

Polished granite base

Deck & post mount bracket

add $48.

Deck and post mount bracket

Custom sized WaterOrbs

13″, 18″, and 24″ NightOrbs are equipped with a 316 stainless steel ballast with a unique watertight strain relief link.

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Payment method

Send us your order form through fax or regular mail. We will determine the cost and give you a price quote over the phone. Checks can be written out to “Nightorbs, LLC,” and they must clear before the order is shipped. Accepted payment methods include all major credit cards, and PayPal sent to


If a NightOrb is defective due to a material deficiency or craftsmanship deficiency. Within the first three years after the purchase, you can send it back to NightOrbs to have it repaired or replaced. Include a copy of your receipt as proof of purchase, and be sure to return the item in its original NightOrb packaging.