All NightOrb™ Fittings Come With:

Hand-blown 8″ Orb, UV stable,
soda-lime glass 96COE
Lamp: Starbright Xelogen,
20,000 long life hours

8″ Land Mount NightOrbs™ also include:

Wire: length, 24″, 16/2 Cu Nickel-Plated UV-Brown, UL 250° C
PVC anchor


Land Mount NightOrbs™ (in both sphere and egg shapes), WaterOrbs™, and Orblets™ use state-of-the-art Xelogen lamps, which provide optimum light levels with minimum energy usage and which are known to outlast other lamps. For instance, 20-watt Xelogen lamps have an average life span of 20,000 hours. In addition, unlike Halogen lamps, Xelogen lamps can be touched safely. All bi-pin sockets are ceramic with nickel-plated contacts that have a life expectancy of 20+ years. This socket’s two-part base is sealed with a Viton O-Ring.

Orb Specifications


The light post and orb base are parts of the two-part sand-cast aluminum system used for Land-Mount NightorbsTM (assembly also available with cast silicon bronze base and brass light post). When put into the orb base, the light post locks in place, creating a watertight enclosure for the lamp.

The sand-cast aluminum base’s final coat is a Class A TGIC polyester powder coat in gold/bronze. To prevent corrosion, the aluminum lamp post has been anodized.

8″, 13″, and 18″ WaterOrbs™ have 316 stainless steel ballast with UL-approved watertight connector and under-water cable. 4″ Orblets™ have black polycarbonate ballast, UL-approved watertight connector, and underwater cable.

stainless steel ballast

8″ WaterOrb™ with 316 stainless steel ballast with UL approved watertight connector and underwater cable.


Interior NightOrbs™ can be plugged into any household 110-volt socket. 5-watt LED lamps give optimal light levels with minimum energy usage.

A dimmer control switch is provided to adjust light levels to your preference. All bi-pin sockets are ceramic with nickel-plated contacts to last 20+ years. Two optional bases are available black/grey or green/veined polished marble.

4 inch gold Interior Orb

4 inch gold Interior Orb