If you need some accessories to better display your NightOrbs™, then take a look at what we currently offer. Make sure your garden globes shine all throughout the year. Accessories include anchors, special lamps and bulbs, and garden gazing ball stands.

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Rope Light

Rope Lights

$325.00 – $350.00

Rope Lights are hand made GFRC (glass fiber reinforced concrete) which are cast in a mold produced from an actual rope. There is a steel net wire harness which holds the light cord and 12 gauge steel wires for reinforcement. After the concrete is poured and cured a brown stain is applied to give the appearance of rope. It is then sealed with two coats of penetrating sealer.

Rope Light options include 8″ Orb Rope Fixture, and 4″ Orblet Rope Fixture.

deck and post mount

Deck & Post Mount Bracket


The deck/post mounting bracket is available for permanent applications.

Hybrid LED Lamps

Hybrid LED Lamps


Our newly available 3 watt LED bulb with built in driver. The most efficient light source in the world and good for 50,000 hours or 15 years.

Xelogen Bulbs

Xelogen Bulbs

$7.50 – $24.50

Extra Xelogen Bulbs

Bulb options

10 watt for 4″ Orblets (5 pack) – $24.50
20 watt for 8″ NightOrbs (5 pack) – $24.50
35 watt for 13″ NightOrbs – $7.50
50 watt for 18″ NightOrbs – $8.50

PVC Anchors

PVC Anchor

$14.50 – $18.50

Extra PVC Anchor

Anchor Size Options: 8-inch, and 12-inch

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