Decorative Balls

Learn About NightOrbs™

NightOrbs™ are decorative balls that provide beauty, color, and light for any outdoor setting, including gardens. We craft NightOrbs™ in our studio with hand blown art glass, applying unique colors and patterns to each individual orb.


NightOrbs are decorative balls for use in gardens and other settings.

We make these unique decorative balls in a variety of shapes and sizes for all types of settings. You might have even seen us featured on This Old House. NightOrbs™, for use in gardens or other dry settings, come in a standard size of 8 inches, standard color patterns inspired by the planets, custom colors, and egg and sphere shapes. The variety of styles allows for each garden designer to use NightOrbs™ in their own way. The land mount NightOrbs™ are also available in the larger sizes of 13 and 18 inches.

Orblets™ are the smaller cousins to the larger NightOrbs™ decorative balls. These 4 inch balls are very versatile, as they are for use both indoors and out and can be hung or placed floating in water. WaterOrbs™ are available as 4 inch WaterOrblets™, 8 inch WaterOrbs™, and even custom size 13 and 18 inch WaterOrbs™.

Contact NightOrbs™

If you have questions about our decorative balls please contact us. We are always happy to help with suggestions on which products will meet your needs. NightOrbs™ are used around the world in all types of settings, which means we have intimate knowledge of all sorts of uses for NightOrbs™.

You can request a NightOrb™ quote online or call 484.620.2976 to discuss your order. Landscape designers can use our wholesale order form.

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