Eight Inch Standard Color Orbs: 50% Until December 31st

Now until December 31st, 2019, we are selling standard color eight inch orbs for 50% off! With our updated website, you can now shop and contact us using your phone or tablet.

Our line of eight inch standard color orbs are a wonderful addition to the home or out in nature. Our selection of orbs are made using durable glass imported from Germany. Each orb is hand-blown and one of a kind, making it a perfect gift for a loved one! Prices listed on the site are not discounted. You must contact us to request a quote for 50% off pricing.

Shop our line of 8-inch standard color orbs.

Orblet Copper Stem System

Looking to showcase your orblets in a decorative way? Take advantage of our new copper stem system for NightOrbs™ Orblets! This new system allows for stems which start at six inches and go up to ten feet with the flexibility to create different sculptural forms.

Check out a few of our recent designs:

For more design inspiration, browse our photo gallery.