2 foot diameter golden night orbs

We recently took on the challenge of blowing 5 24″ gold NightOrbs™ for a customer in Sunnyvale, CA.  That’s right, these orbs were two feet in diameter, weighing in over 40 pounds each!

Watch As We Create These Huge Orbs

Check out this video where you can see us in action as our team crafts these beautiful giants:

Luckily, our state-of-the-art studio was outfitted for the job! It took a team of four strong, highly-skilled workers to craft these big orbs. As with every orb, the process began by forming an opaque, white cylinder to create the foundation. The white orb then gets a metallic oxide coating, which gives the finished product an iridescent quality. The cylinder reaches 1,300° before the team melts in more color, trimming as needed. Next comes chaos wrapping, a process of wrapping different colors around the orb and manipulating them into desired patterns. The resulting combination of color provides a beautiful luminescent appearance. Lastly, the team spins the orb, continuing that process until it cools down and reaches the desired shape and size.

2 foot diameter golden night orbs

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