NightOrbs are unique in many different ways – from their quality and durability to their unique hand-crafted beauty. And the ways in which you can use them are just as diverse.

NightOrbs are more than just lawn decoration. They can be used in a myriad of ways. And here are some ideas for you on just how to incorporate NightOrbs into your landscape design.

1. As a nighttime garden ground decoration

The most straightforward but still effective and beautiful way to incorporate NightOrbs into your property’s outdoor design is by mounting them on their short bases and placing them on the ground.

This can be done in lots of different ways – the NightOrbs can simply be parceled out around your lawn, they can be put on the edges by the fence, they can be placed inside bushes and flower gardens where the light can play with the leaves and flowers, or they can be used to contour out various shapes and designs such as around your family’s pool, or a decorative statue or fountain.

2. As pathway or stairway outline

NightOrbs can also serve a more functional role in your property by outlining pathways and outdoor garden stairways.

By doing this you can use the NightOrbs not just for decoration and for ornamental lighting but also as a strictly functional lighting source that can help guide your guests. Few things can be more effective for your outdoor decoration than several big NightOrbs, placed around a stone stairway that leads to a gazebo or an outdoor dining table.

3. As patio decoration and lighting

The patio is a major outdoor gathering place for your family and guests, and it can be beautified very effectively with several well-placed NightOrbs. Used there, the NightOrbs can serve as both decorative pieces and smooth artificial light sources.

While they usually won’t be as bright as a powerful LED ceiling lamp, they are perfect for soft ambient light after dinner when you want to relax and chat with your family and friends.

The NightOrbs can be placed anywhere on the patio – on the floor, by the edges of the platform, or on the handrails – wherever you feel they’ll be most effective. As long as you have a transformer that will reduce the voltage from 110 volts down to 12 volts since, as with most outdoors lighting, NightOrbs are low-voltage 12-volt lights and therefore need that reduced voltage for them to be safe to be used outdoors.

4. As an outdoor tabletop lighting and decoration

NightOrbs can also be placed directly on your lawn’s or patio’s table. This makes them a nice and beautiful alternative to candles and candlesticks – one that’s just as beautiful and even romantic but that doesn’t expire, can’t be blown by the wind, and isn’t a fire hazard.

5. As a tree hanging decoration

The hanging NightOrb models are another great way to decorate your yard. You can hang them from virtually anywhere you want – from trees, by your home’s sides, or from other artificial structures on your property.

Even just several hanging NightOrbs, all at different heights and in different sizes, can easily give a very magical feel to your property at night – almost like night fairies, flying around your home.

6. As a fountain or pool floating decoration

NightOrbs can do more than just sit around your yard’s water features such as small ponds or fountains – they can also float in them too!

With the special line of WaterOrbs, you can turn your water features from something that just sits there in your backyard into a large, gorgeous decorative piece with beautiful lights swimming through the water.

7. As an addition to other decorative pieces

NightOrbs’ light can also be used to add beauty to other gorgeous decorations. Do you have a beautiful small statue in your yard that’s sadly invisible during the night? With just one NightOrb near or on it, you can make it even more beautiful in the dark.

8. As indoor lighting and decoration

While they are typically intended for outdoor use, nothing is stopping you from using NightOrbs indoors, too. There are countless uses and applications for NightOrbs around the dining table or elsewhere in your house, especially around the holidays. The spherical NightOrbs can be a great contribution to your Christmas decorations, as well as will fit perfectly with the rest of your Easter holiday decor.

We’re sure there are even more innovative ways you can incorporate NightOrbs to your landscape design – what are some of your ideas? Let us know! And make sure to check out for more tips and information on everything from all types of solar outdoor lights to renewable energy.

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