4" Orblet Rope Light Fixture

We are excited to present a new product that can be used as a detail in a garden, landscape, or walkway and looks fantastic doing so. Check out our brand-new light fixtures made out of rope!

These holders are ideal for our 8″ Orbs or 4″ Orblets and come in various colors. These Rope Lights are manufactured of GFRC (glass fiber reinforced concrete) by hand, and the mold used to cast them is made from an actual rope. In addition to that, there is a steel net wire harness that serves to hold the light cable and the steel wires used for reinforcement. With the assistance of a stain coat, the completed concrete shape is given the appearance of being formed of actual rope.

The 4″ Orblet Fixture and the 8″ Orb Rope Fixture may be purchased for $225 and $250, respectively. The orbs that go along with it are available for purchase individually.

8" Orb Rope Fixture
4" Orblet Rope Fixture