NightOrbs™ Partners with Produktworks Design to Create Solar System Orrery

We like to think our designs have always been out of this world, but when we got the opportunity to partner with Produktworks Design, an engineering firm, we co-created something truly special. This orrery, or mechanical model of the solar system produced for Tycho Design, was built to inspire the mind and spirit of anyone gazing upon it.

Tycho Design & NightOrbs orrery

Intended to be the centerpiece of a space, the planets accurately track time as they travel around the illuminated hand-blown glass sun. The planets even rotate and tilt to mimic our solar system, making it a true astronomical clock model of the greater world we live in.

We are proud to have designed the sun at the center. You can learn more about Tycho Design on their website.

Take a look at shots of the stunning final display below!

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