4" Orblet Rope Light Fixture

We’re happy to introduce a new product that looks great as a garden, landscape or walkway detail. Check out our new Rope Light Fixtures!

They’re the perfect holders for our 8” Orbs or 4” Orblets. These Rope Lights are hand made GFRC (glass fiber reinforced concrete) which are cast in a mold produced from an actual rope. There is also a steel net wire harness which holds the light cord and steel wires for reinforcement. The finished concrete form is made to look like real rope with the help of a stain coat.

The 8” Orb Rope Fixture goes for $225, while the 4” Orblet Fixture is priced at $250. The accompanying orbs are sold separately.

8" Orb Rope Fixture
4" Orblet Rope Fixture

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