Ordering Guide

NightOrbs™ are individually crafted outdoor lighting fixtures. Each is a handblown original, made to exact specifications.  You can purchase many of our products here, and even more options are available by phone. Call 484.620.2976 to speak with a real person (9am-5pm EST).

4″ Orblets 8″ NightOrbs 13″ & 18″ NightOrbs Interior NightOrbs
Order Online Yes Yes Order by Phone Yes (Order 13″ and 18″ options by phone)
Color Options Orblet Colors Solid and Standard Patterns Solid and Standard Patterns Solid and Standard Patterns
Granite Base No Optional No Granite Base
Extensions No Optional No No
Rope Lights Optional Optional No No
Egg Shaped No Optional No No
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Order free standing orbs for use in water, lawn/garden, or hanging in the air

WaterOrbs come with a waterproof cord cut to a custom length. These orbs can be placed in water like a pond or fountain. They can be placed flat on the ground anywhere in your yard or garden. The cord can also be used to suspend the orbs in the air.

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If you plan to use an extension, or mount the NightOrb, it will need a cradle.

A cradle is needed to place your orb on a base or extension. Aluminum cradles come standard.

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Using an extension to lift NightOrbs

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Using a base or bracket to mount your NightOrb

A granite base is available for placing NightOrbs on a flat surface. A deck/post mounting bracket is available for permanent applications.

Interior Orbs

Interior NightOrbs™ can be plugged into any household 110 volt socket. 5 watt LED lamps give optimal light levels with minimum energy usage. A dimmer control switch is provided to adjust light levels to your preference. All bi-pin sockets are ceramic with nickel-plated contacts to last 20+ years. Two optional bases are available black/grey or green/veined polished marble. Interior orbs are available in 4″, 8″, 13″, and 18″ options.

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