5 Places To Display Your Orbs

NightOrbs™ can enhance any area, inside and out, but we love when customers share unique ways of displaying their orbs.

Here’s some of our favorites:

1) Trees: Create an enchanting forest feel by attaching a hanging orb to your biggest tree.


2) Pathways: Light up the pathway to your patio or front door and immediately create a welcoming feel. Combining a few smaller orblets is the best way to create a longer line of light.


3) Garden: Adding a single standard NightOrb or multiple throughout a garden creates a sanctuary of healing and serenity.NightOrbs™ are an ethereal presence in a garden, an object of beauty, and a cause for meditation.

Cooper University Healing Garden, Camden, NJ

4) Pond or Fountain: While our custom lights might look great on land, WaterOrbs™ add a delicate touch of elegance to the surface of any water pond, pool, or fountain.

A comforting retreat for you to enjoy season after season

5) Indoors: While all orb products add a dazzle to any outdoor landscape, orb lighting reflects beautifully off of indoor surfaces and makes the perfect interior addition to any room. Standard NightOrbs™ and Crystal Lights are especially great for displaying or hanging indoors.

sunscape picture

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