Custom Orange Orb

Thank you to everyone who participated in our most recent contest, in which you had to guess which orb pattern was purchased the most frequently during the previous ten years. It helps us better understand your tastes so we may alter and improve the color patterns already in place. 

Sadly, there was only one winner, with the runner-up coming in a very close second. Ani G. from Paradise Designs, Inc. in San Clemente, California, was the one who came the closest to winning! She will be given a one-of-a-kind NightOrbTM in the shape of an egg, which was crafted out of cane that is corn yellow, reddish opal orange, and cream.

For those wondering which orb pattern has been the most popular over the past ten years, the answer is Earth (seen in the image below)!

For those of you who are curious to know which orb pattern has been the top seller over the past decade–it’s Earth (pictured below)!

Earth Orb