Creative Placement of NightOrbs™

Peter Tow, an architect from New York City, specified NightOrbs™ as part of the night lighting around his client’s home in Jakarta, Indonesia. Here’s a look at part of his order before it was shipped out:

part of an order of 13 large 18 inch night orbs

Check Out the Final Project!

nightorbs projectPeter installed thirteen 18″ and three 13″ NightOrbs™ alongside the client’s pool space.

Other 12 – 8” orbs have been placed in large exterior planters for additional ambiance and lighting. NightOrbs™ are the perfect addition to any outdoor and indoor space to enhance lighting and design.

Please note that NightOrbs™ are individually signed by the artist and dated. Tom Rupnicki is also a sculptor using ceramic and GFRC Glass fiber reinforced concrete.

If you would like to see more of Tom Rupnicki’s art, visit his website.

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