An architect from New York City named Peter Tow chose to install NightOrbsTM as part of the night lighting surrounding the residence he designed for a client in Jakarta, Indonesia. Take a look at this section of his order before it was sent out to be fulfilled:

part of an order of 13 large 18 inch night orbs

Check Out the Final Project!

Peter placed fourteen 18-inch and three 13-inch NightOrbs™ along the client’s pool area.

Additional atmosphere and lighting have been added by placing 12 orbs with a diameter of 8 inches each in huge planters located outside. NightOrbs™ is the ideal accessory for enhancing the lighting and decor of any area, whether it’s an indoor or outdoor space.

Please note that each NightOrb™ has been personally signed by the artist and has its own unique date. In addition to that, Tom Rupnicki is a sculptor who works primarily with ceramic and GFRC (glass fiber reinforced concrete).

Visit Tom Rupnicki’s website if you would like to view further examples of his artwork.

NightOrbs surrounding the pool space