You rarely come across glass garden art that inspires you to redesign your garden. However, that’s how many of our customers feel. Our NightOrbs™ are handblown light sculptures that incorporate bright colors and unique patterns sure to revamp any atmosphere — indoor or outdoor. In fact, they’ve been featured on This Old House as well as HGTV’s Curb Appeal.

8″ phobos NightOrbs in Desertscape

How are  NightOrbs™ Made?

NightOrbs™ have been featured in some pretty impressive venues and galleries all over the county, but a small team at a facility in the East Falls neighborhood of Philadelphia actually creates them. The glass comes to this team in the form of powder and is melted into glass at a temperature of 2350 degrees. This is a fairly slow process. It usually takes a full day before the glass is ready.

Once enough molten glass is ready, glass blowing begins. Our experienced team of artisans molds the light garden glass art into its spherical shape and prepares to add color. Using melted bars produced exclusively by a company in Germany, the NightOrbs™ team adds brilliant color to the garden art glass by spinning it round and round. After the piece dries and cools, it’s ready for sale. But don’t be fooled; these delicately crafted glass globes can withstand the harshest winters and most brutal summers.

What Makes  NightOrbs™ Different from Other Glass Garden Art?

Tom Rupnicki blowing glass

We believe that the number one factor that sets us apart from other artists is our passion. We’re not a large corporation that pumps out thousands of the same product. Instead, we make each piece by hand, using the care and attention that every piece of art deserves. Additionally, we fashion our artistry into several forms to better suit the decorative needs of our customers. We create our custom orbs in varying sizes, shapes, and many patterns inspired by the planets. Our clients also have the option of hanging or water installation to illuminate virtually every outdoor space.