Garden Globes

For a variety of uses and tastes we make a large range of NightOrbs™ shapes, sizes, and styles. The standard NightOrb™ is an 8-inch sphere (much like a common garden globes but better) that comes in both standard colors, which are inspired by the planets, and custom colors that glow in a solid color pattern. The 8-inch gazing globes are also available in an egg shape. If you want something bigger, we offer custom 13-inch and 18-inch NightOrbs™ in sphere shape. On the smaller side we have 4-inch Orblets™ that are suited for hanging applications and even indoor settings.

WaterOrbs™ are designed for placement in ponds and other landscape water features. They are available in all 4, 8, 13, and 18 inch sizes but only sphere shaped. This adds a whole new use for gazing globes as they can be placed in water and wet environments, where other products can not go.

About Garden Globes by NightOrbs™

NightOrbs™ are hand blown glass garden globes each handcrafted by artisans in our studio and overseen by Tom Rupnicki, the creator of NightOrbs™. There is a lot of work that goes into each NightOrb™ we make, including the glass blowing process and color pattern application.

Our garden globes are beautiful works of art, as well as a practical landscape lighting option. NightOrbs™ are not only stunning in the daylight, but they also shine bright during the evening.

Uses for Garden Globes:

  • Walkway or path lighting
  • Color contrast with plantings
  • Patio illumination
  • Landscape lighting

Garden Globes for Sale

You can request a quote for NightOrbs™ online or by calling 484.620.2976. If you have questions please contact us today. We are always happy to talk about NightOrbs™ and their many uses. If you are a landscape design professional interested in wholesale prices on NightOrbs™ please use our wholesale order form.

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