Landscape Lighting Ideas

About Landscape Lighting with NightOrbs™

Landscape Lighting Ideas

The landscape lighting ideas with NightOrbs are endless. Here we see them hung from tree branches for a magical effect.

NightOrbs™ are well suited for a wide range of landscape settings. We have seen them used in arid/desert landscapes, on tropical islands, suburban home gardens, water fountains, city parks, and countless other landscapes. The unique combinations of color, shape, and light offered by the complete line of NightOrbs™ make for a versatile landscape lighting solution.
Some Landscape Lighting Ideas:

  • Hang Orblets™ from tree branches to create an enchanting environment.
  • Float WaterOrbs™ in ponds or other landscape water features.
  • Illuminate garden walkways or paths.
  • Light up the patio or deck using the NightOrbs™ optional mounting equipment or pedestals.

These are just some of the landscape lighting ideas NightOrbs™ can inspire. We work with many landscape design professionals and offer a wholesale order form. Regular customers can order a NightOrb™ through the website or by calling 484.620.2976 to discuss your order.

NightOrbs™ for Sale

If you have questions please contact us. We love NightOrbs™ and want to discuss the endless possibilities for your landscape design with our creations. You can also request a quote online.

How are NightOrbs™ Made?

NightOrbs™ are hand blown glass globes made in our studio using a process  that we have refined over the years. Each NightOrb is handcrafted by artisans with extensive experience in glass blowing and all production is overseen by Tom Rupnicki, the creator of NightOrbs™.

Watch Founder Tom Rupnicki Talk About the Process

NightOrbs™ come in a variety of shapes and sizes including a standard size of 8 inches, color patterns inspired by the planets, custom colors, and egg and sphere shapes. They are also available in the larger custom sizes of 13 and 18 inches.

Orblets™ are smaller versions of the standard NightOrbs™, and at 4 inchs are very versatile. Orblets™ can be used both indoors and out as well as hung or floated in water.

WaterOrbs™, waterproof and floating versions of the NightOrbs™, are available as 4 inch WaterOrblets™, 8 inch WaterOrbs™, and even custom sized 13 and 18 inch WaterOrbs™.

With a large selection of colors, shapes, and sizes NightOrbs™ truly offer something unique for landscape light ideas.

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