8″ NightOrbs with polished granite base on granite steps

A well-planned and executed landscape has the potential to bring you into closer contact with the natural world, along with all of the joys of color, aroma, and movement that come along with that connection.

Certain bushes bloom from the middle of winter through summer and even into the fall. The latter fall colors and berries are a visual and textural treat. Beginning in the late winter with early bulbs, herbaceous material can be grown through the summer and into the late fall with various perennials. These flowers and fruits add color and fragrance to our world and serve as a food source for pollinators, other beneficial insects, butterflies, and birds. They bring the natural world into greater proximity with us.

Nature is Always Changing

But what happens once the sun has gone down? What occurs when the birds retire for the night, and the insect life quiets down?

When this occurs, installing high-quality landscape lighting is the best way to bring the pleasures of the garden into the evening.

Pathways and patios can be discreetly illuminated, trees can be brought into focus with the help of well-positioned accent lighting, and water features can even be improved.

We have upgraded to a 12-volt system with LED fixtures, which consume far less electricity than prior systems.

In addition, why not try utilizing some Night Orbs to offer even more interest to the nightscape? They are a great way to add a little something more. During the day, they appear to be multicolored glass spheres that fit in with the surrounding environment. However, at night, they are illuminated to amazing effect. Night Orbs could be found on land, in the air, or the water.

Your backyard has the potential to be a magical place inspired by the natural environment if you invest in naturalistic landscaping of high caliber and install lighting for the evening. Learn more about Naturescapes.

Show off your property, even at night

About the Author

For the past 45 years, John Fridy, owner of the company Naturescapes, has been working in the field of naturalistic landscaping in addition to other horticultural projects.

Naturescapes is a company that focuses on naturalistic design, often known as minimal maintenance design, and uses as much native plant material as possible in its projects. Naturescapes is a creativity and implementation (design and install) organization. In addition to ponds, waterfalls, retaining walls, pathways, patios, outdoor lighting, and other related services, John’s business also builds waterfalls and other water features.

Naturescapes is responsible for creating surroundings that appeal to customers, have a low impact on the surrounding ecosystem, and draw in birds, butterflies, hummingbirds, and other useful insects. Their designs incorporate the senses and offer something interesting to look at over the winter, in addition to trees, shrubs, perennials, and bulbs that blossom in a specific order.

A Garden Path Lit With LED Lights