8″ NightOrbs with polished granite base on granite steps

A good landscape plan and implementation can put you in closer communication to the natural world and all the joys of color, fragrance and movement that that entails.

Different shrubs bloom from mid-winter through summer and even in fall. Later fall colors and berries delight the senses. Herbaceous material can start in late winter with early bulbs and continue through summer and into late fall with various perennials. These blooms and fruit not only give us color and fragrances but also provide food for pollinators, beneficial insects, butterflies and birds. They draw the natural world closer to us.

Nature is Always Changing

But what happens when the sun sets? What happens when the birds roost and insect life settles down for the night?

That’s when good landscape lighting can extend the joys of the garden into the night time.

Pathways and patios can be subtly lit, trees can be highlighted by well-placed accent lights and even water features can be enhanced.

Show off your property, even at night

We use a 12 volt system and LED fixtures that use a fraction of electricity of older systems.

And for added interest, why not try using some Night Orbs to bring even more interest to the nightscape? During the day they blend into the landscape as multicolored glass spheres but at night they are illuminated with great effect. Night Orbs can be terrestrial, aerial or aquatic.

With quality naturalistic landscaping and nighttime illumination your outdoors can be a wonderland of the natural world.

Learn more about Naturescapes.

About the Author

John Fridy, whose company is Naturescapes, has been doing naturalistic landscapes and related horticultural work for the past 45 years.

Naturescapes is an ideation and implementation (design and install) company whose focus is naturalistic design (read low maintenance) utilizing native plant material as much as possible. John’s company also does ponds, waterfalls, retaining walls, walkways, patios, outdoor lighting, drainage issues, etc.

Naturescapes creates environments that not only appeal to the clients but are very environmentally friendly and attract birds, butterflies, humming birds and beneficial insects. Their designs involve the senses and offer winter interest as well as sequentially blooming trees, shrubs, perennials and bulbs.

A Garden Path Lit With LED Lights

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